Kandice Allen, ESQ
Chicago, IL


Amirah Rahman, MBA
Chicago, IL

Project Management

Peach represents courage, elegance and immortality

PEACHY is capitalized and italicized because exuding beauty and confidence stands out

The logo is a compilation of different sized hearts that are various shades to represent all teen girls and women around the world

Each organization that we work with receives a hand-painted peach heart canvas signed by all the volunteers as a keepsake to commemorate the experience

"Beauty and confidence is defined by one's perception of self, not that of others."

-Kamelah Muhammad, Founder & President

Amber Pierre
Chicago, IL

Finance & Law

Naimah Saleem-Mendez
Washington, D.C

Dance Movement Therapy

About the Sisterhood


Board of Directors

Kamelah Muhammad

Founder & President
Chicago, IL

Marketing & Events

Jessica Johnson, MSN
Chicago, IL

Health Information Technology

Seeing the negative impact that traditional and social media was having on the self-esteem of teen girls and women around the world, Sisterhood of the Traveling Heart, Inc. (SOTTH) was born. Founded in Brooklyn, New York in November 2014, SOTTH's founder, Kamelah Muhammad, wanted to create an atmosphere where teen girls and women came together in an effort to bond and hold each other accountable for uplifting one another. This is accomplished by motivating through life's stories and promoting self-worth.  We create programs and experiences of empowerment. Every teen girl and woman should be the definition of BEAUTY and the definition of CONFIDENT. We encourage each person to create and represent what beauty and confidence means to them. SOTTH, Inc. is about sharing a journey from woman to woman, state to state, country to country.